Maria, Salvatore e Michele

A story made of people, love and passion!


Since 2008, Le Tre Colonne has been an Apulian company of reference in the production, packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oils, in Italy and around the world.
Dynamism, continuous production research, elasticity in process management characterize our daily work around the product and customers.
Le Tre Colonne with approximately 40 hectares of olive groves and 8,000 plants located in the Agro di Giovinazzo boasts the characteristic of well-structured oils with bitter and spicy that only the sun and proximity to the sea can provide. Different varieties typical of the area characterize our oils.

      Michele and Salvatore dedicate themselves personally to the cultivation of these plants!


PREMIO ALLA CARRIERA 2022 - @premioilmagnifico

" The Magnificent Prize Association that I have the honor of presiding over, with
vote unanimously, is pleased to award you the Prize to
Career, named after Marco Mugelli, a revolutionary in the sector
high quality oil-technical.
The Prize is awarded to her for her entrepreneurial courage, the
dedication to work and as an example of generational generosity, which has allowed your company to become a guide and point of reference for all those who do business in Europe. "

Matia Barciulli - Presidente Premio IL MAGNIFICO