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Pruning of the olive tree must be carried out when the plant

is in vegetative rest, therefore at the end of winter.


Fertilize during the growth phase or from spring to mid-August.


Flowering occurs between the end of March and mid-April, this is the phase in which the bud blossoms into a flower.


they are carried out when the cotico reaches 15-20 cm in height; generally a second cut is made at the end of May-June and a final mowing before harvesting.

Fruit setting

In May, fruit set is caused by the transformation of the flowers into small fruits, which occurs with an increase in the size of the ovary and the fall of imperfect or unfertilized flowers.

Core hardening


Olive trees in production are irrigated (when necessary) from the beginning of the growing season until the start of the winter rains because the lack of water can negatively affect vegetation growth, fruit set and fruit development.