Maria, Salvatore e Michele

A story made of people, love and passion!

  • Our cultivars:
    • Coratina :  typical Apulian cultivar characterized by bitter and spicy decided in various facets.
    • Ogliarola : typical cultivar of the Bari area characterized by a soft and enveloping taste. 
    • Nocellara: transplanted into our land but typical Sicilian cultivar characterized by oils with intense aromas that refer to tomatoes and spices.
    • Bella di Cerignola: typical cultivar from the north of Bari but transplanted into our land to create an oil that is almost unobtainable but with a sensational taste.
    • Favolosa o Fs17: new cultivar in our land characterized by a light and floral taste.


Harvesting is the long-awaited moment of the year.
Each variety has its own ripening times. It is carried out for separate cultivars for the production of monovarietals and blends. It could start in the first weeks of October and then finish around mid-December.
The harvest takes place from the first light of dawn. It is collected using mechanical facilitators, such as shakers and self-propelled brushes.
Once the olives have fallen onto the nets, they are directly emptied into bins of around 300 kg which are taken to the mill every 3 hours.
The olives are pressed immediately upon arrival at the company mill.